CIMST Practice Times

Illinois Wesleyan Shirk Center

M & W  6:15-7:15 p.m.‚Äč  |  M, T, W & TH 5:30-6:30 a.m.

Sat: 6:00-7:00 am  Sun: 11:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. 

(On Sat and Sun building is locked.  Be at the lower south door 5 minutes before start time.)

CIMST members are encouraged to compete in swim meets and open water events, but there is no requirement to do so.  In fact, the majority of swimmers are members of the team primarily to improve personal fitness and for the comradery that comes from swimming with others. 

Masters swim meets are held throughout the state of Illinois and across the country.  CIMST host a Spring Classic Swim Meet on the first weekend of March in the Shirk Center pool.  Illinois Masters hosts a state meet usually in April, and USMS hosts the Spring Nationals (short course) meet in April or May.  USMS also hosts a long course national meet at the end of the summer.  The schedule of upcoming swim meets is available at  

Open water events are held in the summer months and are available for USMS members. 
Please continue to check back for more information on these and other Masters Swimming events.

June 24, 2017
Central IL Open Water Swim (CIOWS)

Central IL Masters Swim Team hosts the premier downstate open water event at Evergreen Lake, just north of Bloomington, off of I-39.

Multi-Sport Day, Timber Pointe Outdoor Center

CIMST Spring Classic

Central IL Masters Swim Team hosts its annual meet at Illinois Wesleyan's Shirk Center Pool.  

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