Featured CIMST Swimmer – Joe Kinkade

We’re happy to report that Joe is feeling much better, swimming several days each week, and working half days…

In early 2018, Joe was diagnosed with bladder cancer after first noticing symptoms in December 2107. Joe went through several rounds of chemotherapy before having surgery in May.  The chemo was difficult.  Joe lost his hair and significant weight before getting through it.  He managed to work some, but eventually was sidelined by the treatment. 

In May, Joe had surgery to remove his bladder and surrounding lymph nodes.  The cancer had spread too far in his abdomen for the doctors to create a new bladder.  Consequently, Joe has a permanent bladder ileostomy.  Again, due to the spread, he had to go through another round of chemotherapy and radiation treatment following surgery.

Throughout this time, Joe was unable to work ultimately using all the benefits available through his employer.  Due to the kindness of his employer, however, his job has been held and eventually he will be able to reinstate all benefits. 

The money raised by our team, friends and family through a GoFundMe page and a special auction event has been essential in keeping the Kinkade family financially solvent through this tough time.  Joe extends his heartfelt appreciation to all donors and everyone who has supported him.  Thank you for your generosity, prayers, and good will.   

We are proud that Joe was able to compete in our annual Spring Classic this past March, swimming the 50 Freestyle, 50 Backstroke and two relays. He also hopes to get back to running and cycling in the spring. 

In addition, Joe has joined the CIMST coaching staff! We’re grateful that Joe is doing well, and a body scan done in February was clear of cancer.